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Trail Design

The Northside Line will have two cross-sections: a split-use trail and a shared-use trail. The majority of the trail will be a split-use design, with divided zones for pedestrian and bicycle travel. Where constraints limit the trail width or when usage is expected to be lighter, a shared-use approach is proposed. Lighting and wayfinding signage will be incorporated throughout the new trail network. 

Asphalt Sidewalk-View 1.png

Rendering of a split-use trail, located along the southern section of the trail from Hamilton Street to Fulton Street, where bicycle and pedestrian activity are separated by a median. 

Single Trail_R2.png

Rendering of a shared-use trail, located along the northern section of the trail from Fulton Street to Hudson Heritage, where bicyclists, pedestrians, and other non-motorized transportation users share the same space. 


The rendering shows a historic bridge that will connect the Northside Line as it crosses Fulton Street near Rondek Road. 


The safety of the trail is a critical component of the design. Discussions with various emergency first responders who will serve the trail have been on-going and their feedback is crucial to for the project’s design and construction.

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