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NEWS RELEASE 10/19/2022: Progress on County's Urban Trail Network Continues

Rail trail lovers have a new trail connection to explore as construction continues along Dutchess County’s urban trail project, which has been officially dubbed the “Northside Line.”

News Release

NEWS RELEASE 2/18/2022: "Work to Begin on Much-Anticipated Northside Line Project"

Construction of the first phase of the Urban Trail network will begin this spring with an initial 0.55 mile stretch from West Cedar Street in the Town of Poughkeepsie to the Dutchess Rail Trail at Parker Avenue (State Route 9G) in the City of Poughkeepsie.  Completion of this section is anticipated by the end of this year. 


For more information, read the latest news release:


Youth outreach is an important part of public engagement because it gives the project team an insight into the unique wants, needs, and ideas of young people who live in Poughkeepsie. Because so many children and teenagers travel either by walking or riding a bicycle, ensuring that the Urban Trail meets their needs warrants special attention.


For this reason, Susan G. Blickstein, LLC (SGB) conducted youth engagement with the MADLab summer program at the Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn. SGB gave a presentation about the project and conducted an interactive activity to find out what students are most excited and concerned about the Trail, as well as the types of amenities they want to see. Following the group activity, students filled out the online survey and were given flyers to bring home to friends and family.



Source: Susan G. Blickstein, LLC

General takeaways

  • Excited to use the trail to get around and as a destination to socialize

  • Concerned about safety and littering

  • Want to see security features and trail amenities, such as bathrooms, water fountains, places to sit, charging stations, play/workout equipment, and art

Urban Trail Youth Outreach_3.jpg

Source: Susan G. Blickstein, LLC

Outreach Efforts


The project team has been going to a number of community events and conducted intercept outreach to engage with the public about the project and to promote the online survey, public meeting, and open house. 

PXL_20210610_212643100 (1).jpg

Arlington Farmers' Market. Source: Susan G. Blickstein, LLC


Dutchess Outreach Fresh Market. Source: Susan G. Blickstein, LLC

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